Is Overclocking Safe?

by Oozman

in Computer Stuffs

Hi guys, how’s things going? Anyway, I’m assuming you’ve stumbled upon this article of mine because you’re looking for an answer to this question, Is Overclocking Safe?. Before anything else, I would like to let you know that Overclocking computers as of today has been considered to be one of the best way to speed up your computer dramatically. Many people have been doing this and some makes it perfectly and some may not.

So, back to the question, Is Overclocking Safe? The answer is Yes and No.

Overclocking computer by its nature is safe provided that you know what you’re doing. I mean, if you know what Overclocking is and how it basically works, then doing it is actually very safe and not only it’s safe. You will also see your machine feel faster and responsive as well due to the fact that you’re making out of every bits of your machine.

In the other hand, it will be disastrous or risky when doing Overclocking without knowledge about it. It may break your computer instead of improving its performance. So, I recommend that you don’t do it if you don’t know anything about it. It’s not safe for you…

But don’t worry, if you’re the one who really wanted to get more out of your computer and make it faster but don’t know how to do Overclocking. I actually found an interesting book that walks you through in Overclocking your computer, in a step by step blueprint : Tweakboy’s Ultimate Overclocking Handbook. It will teach you step by step how to overclock your computer safely and it doesn’t require you to do complicated techniques or procedures. You can definitely follow this.

If you’re interested and learn more about this handbook, you can feel free to check it out here: Tweakboy’s Ultimate Overclocking Handbook

Let me know if it works for you too.

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