Hello, I'm Oozman

I am a fullstack software developer with a particular interest in web, mobile and IoT technologies.

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For the past 10+ years, I was able to happily provide my expertise for many companies & businesses. Here are some of projects that I've been involved in:

Lead Software / API Developer


I'm responsible for designing backend flow, optimizing and maintaining backend features and codes. I also design and maintain the REST API of the platform. I also did frontend assignments.

Backend / Android Developer

College Promotions Network, Campus Cash, Connect Publisher Solutions

I'm responsible in designing, coding, improving and maintaining the backend section of the platform.

Backend Developer

Virual Helper 247

I'm responsible for optimizing and fixing issues in the platform.

API / Android Developer


I'm responsible for developing an API for a platform for web-based vehicle processing app. I also done some Android app development.

Fullstack Software Developer

Axal Arabia Construction Company Ltd.

I'm responsible in designing, developing and deploying a web-based employee management system from ground up.

Backend Developer


I'm responsible for optimizing and fixing issues in their existing source code.